Four Occasions Banquet Center is the premier banquet center in Millington, Michigan. Located just minutes from downtown, Four Occasions is the number one choice to host weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, class reunions, graduations & showers.

Weddings Anniversary
Class Reunions
Graduations Showers

5397 W. Millington Rd.
Millington, MI 48746

Give Dawn a call with any questions or to set an appointment.

Fountain Pop Available
50-75 guest = $75.00
100-150 guest = $100.00
151-200 guest = $125.00
201-250 guest = $150.00
251-350 guest = $175.00
This includes ice
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Soda, Fruit Punch,
Root Beer, Lemonade

Equipment Available:
28—8 foot tables
28—6 foot tables
1—48 inch round cake table
4—60 inch round tables
370 White Chairs
Ladders for decorating

Lattice Backdrop = $25.00
Glass Candle Globes = .50 each
Bud Vases = .50 each
Lighted Curtain/Tulle = $25.00
Serpentine Table = $50.00

Four Occasions Banquet Center was purchased from the American Legion Post in September 2004.  It serves as a meeting place and is still the home of Post 164.  It also accommodates the publics special events.

Various Types of Rentals
Weekly, Friday, Saturday or Sunday—Prices vary by day and event



350+ Capacity

Complete Clean-up

Air Conditioning

Pleasant Interior

Large Wooden Dance Floor

Non-Smoking Facility

Trash Bags Provided

Staff member on duty for your event

370 White Chairs

Key available for renter to allow wedding professionals to enter for set-up

Security Deposit is required of $200.00 (refundable if no damage after event)

Beverage Servers—3 Gallon Capacity

Walk-In Cooler

Coffee Urn

Commercial Refrigerator

Four Occasions must be paid in full before entry will be allowed. Acceptable forms of payment include Cash or Money Order. Personal checks must be received 30 days prior to date of event.

Entry to Banquet Center for decorating will be agreed upon 30 days prior to rental date with a Staff Member.  Decorating should be limited to a maximum of six hours.  Please no tacks, staples or tape on the walls.  Candles must be in a glass enclosure.  All tables MUST be covered with table coverings (paper, plastic or linen cloth).

Use of Banquet Center for any celebrating during or after decorating is prohibited due to liability.  Arrangements may be made prior to the occasion if there is a desire to hold the rehearsal party. Violations may result in additional charges.
Deposit is non-refundable in the event of damage to building or property, missing items or excessive clean up.  If damage to premises exceeds $200 deposit the remaining costs will be charged to rental party.

Cancellation of reserved date could forfeit $200 deposit in the event Four Occasions Banquet Center is unable to re-book contracted date.

Renters serving alcohol will be required to show proof of Homeowners Insurance with a copy being kept on premises of Four Occasions Banquet Center.  The policy will need to have a minimum of $300,000 liability. If no homeowners, then a special policy with the same liability.  Proof is required upon delivery of key or this could result in forfeit of $200 deposit.
Bar closes at Midnight, lights will be turned on, and music will end.  Bartenders must wipe down bar, wash pitchers and clean the bar area before leaving.

Kitchen is not available for preparation of your meal, either by you or a licensed caterer.  Meal must be pre-cooked & prepared beforehand.  Caterer will provide counter-mounted table shields and maintain safe food temperatures.  You may use stove/oven for warming and plug in rosters for warming.  Four Occasions food license does not provide for food preparation from scratch.  If your caterer or food server does not comply with our food license, your $200 deposit will be forfeited.


We Look Forward To Your Special Occasion